Hello, I hope that everyone is well and safe during these challenging and difficult times. 
Because of our current situation and the uncertainty of the future, 
we are going exclusively with our online training program for the foreseeable future. 
We started our online program 3 years ago, so we've already had
 everything in place and have a smooth working system. 
We're working hard now to make it broader and more interactive. 
Our online training program has something for everyone. 
Stretching, core and cardio, resistance training, kickboxing, self-defense,
 bully-proof program, life skills and our very successful jiujitsu program. 
This is a great opportunity for families to train together at home. 
We will help you make it a fun and interactive activity, 
while improving your health and gaining life skills. 
You will be able to earn your rank in FFMA and FFS Jiujitsu.
 Details can be found on the private group page. 
We will have competitions, games and interactive challenges. 
The first challenge is a training video challenge. 
We will announce the details when we go live on the private group page this Monday at 6 pm. 
We are making the online program very affordable 
with a flat rate of $49 per month per household. 
Starting May 1st, we will adjust everyone's current membership to reflect this new rate. 
That means everyone in the family can participate for one low price.
 If you and your family are interested in joining our Free Form family, contact me for details. 
Hope to see you all online soon!
Let's get training, 
Master Lavelle Smith​

   Kaden "The Dragon" Smith 
   3 Time NAGA US Open Champion
     3Time NAGA US National Champion.
FFS Jiujitsu Jr. Black Belt - FFMA 2nd Degree Black Belt
Catherine Smith 3rd Degree FFMA Black Belt Instructor
Little Tigers (ages 4-6)