Congratulations to Landon and Lindley on their FFMA black belt promotions. 
Great accomplishment! 
This Saturday is FFMA testing at 9:45 AM
 and FFS Jiujitsu evaluation at 1PM.
Classes Today: 12/6/19
Homeschool 10:00-10:45 AM
Private Class 3:45-4:15
Private Class 4:15-5:00​


FFMA Testing Dec. 7th 9:45 am
FFS Jiujitsu Evaluation Dec. 7th 1:00 pm
Registration for new classes in Mantachie
@ Whitehorse Fitness is open now. Call 662-401-8544

Advanced training is at 4:30pm on Mondays, if you are red, adv. Red or Jr. black belt and do not attend these classes, it will be hard for you to prepare yourself for becoming a black belt!

Stay up to date by checking the student info page and event page on our website often!

Private Lessons - Private lessons are available. The cost is $30 per session. If you pay a monthly membership, the cost is $25 per session. Private lessons are available to anyone who would like to advance their training. If you are an adv. red or Jr. black belt and are serious about becoming a black belt, it would be of great value for you to take some private lessons. We already have several people taking private lessons and our classes are limited.

   Kaden "The Dragon" Smith 
   3 Time NAGA US Open Champion
     3Time NAGA US National Champion.
FFS Jiujitsu Jr. Black Belt - FFMA 2nd Degree Black Belt
Catherine Smith 3rd Degree FFMA Black Belt Instructor
Little Tigers (ages 4-6)